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Green KineMaster Pro Latest Version APK | Free Download Video Editor For Android


Green KineMaster Pro APK is the most powerful video editor for YouTuber and professional video editing on mobile phone. Green KineMaster Pro is easy to use.

Green KineMaster Pro professional video editor for mobile phone, it has many editing functions like video layer, FX effects, Media library, Text style, Handwriting supports. In which most amazing chroma key, a function available. 

Green KineMaster Pro Key Features:

  1. Multilayer option available like Media library, FX Effects, Overlay, Text styles, Handwriting, etc.
  2. It has many free soundtracks for video background.
  3. Cutting, trimming/Splitting, slicing frame to frame.
  4. Clip Graphics, Color Filter, Color Adjustment, Vignette option.
  5. Cropping option: Start position or End Position.  
  6. Rotate/ Mirroring: Mirroring position or Rotating position.
  7. Quick preview option any time.
  8. Speed control for the video clip.
  9. Fade in/ sound system did not get out.
  10. Transition Effects [ 3D transition fade in/ out peies.
  11. Choose themes, Animations and visual effects, and sound effects.
  12. Share after video editing on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, etc.
Green KineMaster Pro

Format supported:

Video formats: Mp4 [264 baseline/high profile + AAC loc], 3gp [264 baseline/high profile + AAC loc],  MOV [264 + AAC loc, only devices where MOV video format]

Audio format: MP3, M4A, AAC audio.

Image format: JPG, PNG

Real-time video & audio recording function supported.

Now: Green KineMaster Pro APK is free of Watermark 

Specifications Of Green KineMaster Pro Apk

KineMaster Pro APK Size: 35 MB

Release Version: v5.01.8.95.PRO

APK Platform: Android

APK Type: Free or lifetime